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Learning and Reflective Growth is not just the name for my company, it is my passion.  My number one strength according to Gallup’s Strengthsfinder (C) is Learner.    My wonderful business coach suggested that I put pictures on my blog – people are visual.  My first thought was that I did not have time to create pictures with captions.  I did not wish to learn something that would eat up my precious time.  I actually told her that I feel it would be a “time suck”.

As usual, I listened to her advice and now I am getting pretty good creating pictures with captions for my blog.  In fact, I decided that I would use my own pictures and my own captions from now on.  I create an original quote everyday as a discipline.  Being creative makes me happy, it gives me such  joy!  As I create these pictures with captions I realized that I am not too bad of a photographer.  I now have a reason to use my own quotes that I have been putting in a book for posterity.

I wish you Happy Holidays and challenge you to do something that is your strength.  Using your strength will bring you joy!  I promise.  Be joyful this holiday season.  Best!