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An affirmation? What is it? After watching the movie The Last Holiday with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J, I was taken with the idea of a book of Possibilities.  Queen L’s character created a book of possibilities.  It had pictures of what she wanted in her life.  A book version of a vision board if you will.  So, I created my book.  I am into words so I wrote stories about my future.  I would date then write my “story”.  Many of them have come to being!   Setting your intentions or writing an affirmation is an incredibly easy thing to do. All you need to do is come up with a positive intention or affirmation that describes and sums up your future you.

Here are 20 ways to help you get started to write intentions, affirmations, opportunities or possibilities.

  1. Take your intention and affirmation seriously. Believe it.
  1. Write about what you want. What you really, really want. (Thanks Spice Girls).  You don’t have to limit yourself to what you have now.
  1. Speak in the first person. Use “I” or “me” statements.  Use the most powerful words ever, “I am”.
  1. Write in present tense. Close your eyes and imagine that you are already experiencing the wonderful things that you desire.  “This is happening now”.
  1. Write with gratitude statements from the heart. Write as an expression of “grateful having”, rather than wanting or needing.
  1. Write in the positive. Instead of “I will not eat sugar” write, “I will eat healthy foods”.  Use “I am” or “I do”.  Do NOT use the word NOT.  (LOL)
  1. Write as yourself! You only need these intentions for YOU!  Use your own words and slang. Be your unique you.
  1. Write with Passion and Feeling.
  1. Write in your learning mode. If you are more visual use imagery (word pictures).  If auditory use sounds (Crunch!).  If Kinesthetic use emotions and feelings (make things move – Actions).
  1. Write your affirmation or intention or about the new opportunity as you are already there. Do NOT worry or write about HOW you are going to get there.
  1. Write about the things you have and are grateful now. Give yourself Kudos for the strengths and skills that you already have too!
  1. Write about ANYTHING. Things, feelings, experiences, relationships.  ANYTHING you wish to manifest.
  1. Don’t let your version of “reality” stop you. Go for the moon!
  1. Write many or write few. Write a story or a statement.  Do what you feel.  It must feel “right” for you.
  1. Only write affirmations for yourself – you cannot change other people.
  1. If having difficulty believing, use words like, “I choose to be…” “I am so happy that…”  “I expect that..”
  1. Be accepting of yourself and your beliefs. Do not judge yourself, your statements or your new reality.
  1. Change, upgrade and evolve as the intentions manifest.
  1. Always write the date that you wrote the intention. Then write the date that it happened.  I put the date I first wrote the intention in the upper right corner.  When it has manifested (happened – came true) I write a note on the bottom with the date I realized it came to into being my present reality.
  1. Have FUN! If writing the details is not fun – don’t write the details!  Write what feels best for YOU.  It is about you.

Enjoy your future!  Love yourself and others.

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