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Recently, I have been on a month’s challenge to meditate and exercise each day.  I have noticed that for some reason I am listening other’s messages better than I ever have before.  Waiting to hear all of what someone is saying – clarifying if i don’t understand and paraphrasing back to make sure I did indeed understand.  That is a the definition of active listening and I have been noticing that I am doing much better in my attempt to communicate since my challenge.  Also, participants in my classes are asking deep, meaning of life questions.  I don’t have the answers but after listening – I blurted out what I thought was something very important.

The meaning of life is to find your gift and your purpose in life is to share that gift with others.

I realized long ago that my gift is to assist adults in learning what they wish to learn.  To facilitate their learning process, ask questions, summarize and motivate.  I hope to share this gift with others by facilitating classes in self-awareness and team building.  Also, through coaching.

Recently, I have realized that many people do not know the purpose of their life.  Most people have not reflected or sought the answer to this question.  Many  people are fumbling with the question and have not made it to the answer and others are stumbling, frustrated to find the answer.

It is quite easy to find your purpose in life, once you know the process.  Take some time to reflect about what you love, what you are good at doing and why you love to do what you do.  Learn more about yourself through self-assessments, coaching and interviews with loved ones and work colleagues.  Once you find your life’s meaning/purpose – share it with others.  If you love art – share your art.  If you love working with children – share your gift with children.  If you are gifted at fixing – fix for others.

Sure, this seems like such an easy solution to an age old mystery.  “What is my purpose in Life?  Why was I put on this planet?  What does it all  mean?”  Once you know this answer – do what you love to do – do what you do best!  Then share that with others.

Please share your gift today.

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