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1:1 Coaching to Build Self-Awareness

At Learning and…Reflective Growth, we provide 1:1 coaching through assessments that improves your leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Coaching with Strengths

 Discover your SUPER POWER!  Explore your values and strengths to gain more confidence.   Every person has unique strengths, values and goals. Use your SUPER POWER for good (not evil). Learn about your strengths and how to use them to have more engagement in your job and in life.

Leadership Coaching

You need to acquire the right set of skills to become an effective leader.  Work with us to assess your emotional intelligence, strengths, and personality.  Build a personal, quality action plan to improve emotional intelligence and flexibility.

    Career Coaching

    For new graduates, career coaching offers guidance in translating your academic accomplishments into tangible job opportunities, helping you identify your strengths, interests, and long-term career goals. Dr. Roth can provide insights into job market trends, assist in crafting compelling resumes, offer interview preparation tips, learn your strengths, and ultimately boosting your confidence and employability.

    Experienced professionals can benefit from career coaching by helping you navigate mid-career transitions, whether it’s seeking new challenges, switching industries, or climbing the corporate ladder. We can help you assess your skills, identify areas for growth, and develop strategies for advancement. Additionally, career coaching serves as a valuable resource for professionals looking to maintain work-life balance, manage stress, and enhance your leadership and communication skills.

    Regardless of career stage, coaching offers individuals the tools and support needed to make informed decisions, set and achieve career milestones, and find fulfillment in your chosen profession.  Give us a call today and start getting your goals.

      Communication is Vital

      Understand your communication style in order to better communicate. Our consultants help you learn more about your communication style and how to adjust it when working with others with different (or same) styles.


      Coaching for Trainers & Educators

      You know the content, but you’ve never taught in a classroom setting or given out grades. We will work together to develop your curriculum, syllabus, and coaching technique. Individual coaching for trainers and professors, adjuncts, and higher education, includes:

      • Public Speaking
      • Training – Classroom ILT
      • New to Teaching (in Higher Education)


      Are you a new training professional or just do not have time to research how to create training program?   To improve your approach to training, let us help you create:

      • Leadership Series
      • Retirement Program (Psycho-social)
      • Customer Service Certificate Programs
      • Train the Trainer Program
        • Basic Training Skills

        • Advanced Training Skills

        • Preparing for Certification

        • Any Program Your Organization Needs for Training


      Rely on our team to improve your processes by facilitating your senior staff to create a strategic plan. Based on your specific needs, we provide strategic planning that includes:

      • SWOT
      • Brainstorming with Priorities
      • Creation of Plan
      • Practical Plan with Champions & Dates


      Retreat Creation & Facilitation

      • Needs Assessment/Analysis
      • Planning Session with Senior Staff (or Retreat Planners’ Champion)
      • Implementation of Plan – Retreat Day


      I have been working on business coaching with Lori, WOW!  The tools I have learned in my sessions to improve myself as a business owner, friend, and partner is priceless.  It’s a great feeling to have another person know how to relate to your thinking, that then turns you into a better and stronger person!  From a big or small business that needs helps with their employees to anyone that would like to improve on personal growth make the time to call Lori!

       Angela Thebert 
      Manager, Paradise Kitchens
      Sarasota, fL


      “As a tenured coach, Lori provided me with a plethora of tools, patiently helped me work through several challenges, created consistent accountability with assignments plus reading materials, provided a safe environment and utilized her biggest asset of listening intently to the words, phrases, and patterns that I used when speaking. She has a very keen intellect that allows her to identify what initially seems like just words but in actuality, those words speak volumes about how someone views themselves, the people around them and the world they live in. Lastly, she is very passionate about helping others reach their full potential and brings a wonderful sense of humor and kindness to her facilitation. If you are looking for someone to help you grow in a specific part of your life or just in general, Lori is your coach! It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

      Judy Sargent – President


      “Lori has a way of instilling hope and empowering others as she helps them see what she sees – their innate ability and strength. I appreciate how she put me at ease by making the process fun while also pushing me to be the best I can be. Thank you, Lori, for helping me to recognize my dreams are within my grasp and giving me the tools to achieve them. I now have confidence in myself, while also caring for myself, as I find a balance in life leading to real happiness and fulfillment”.

       Thank you for the inspiration!

      Blake Barber, Psychologist

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