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Set and Get your Goals Now! 

Personal 1:1 Coaching with Lori Ann Roth, Ph.D


“Lori has a way of instilling hope and empowering others as she helps them see what she sees – their innate ability and strength. I appreciate how she put me at ease by making the process fun while also pushing me to be the best I can be.

Thank you, Lori, for helping me to recognize my dreams are within my grasp and giving me the tools to achieve them. I now have confidence in myself, while also caring for myself, as I find a balance in life leading to real happiness and fulfillment.

 Thank you for the inspiration!”

                                                          – Blake Barber, Psychologist


Dr. Lori Ann Roth will help you create your professional and/or personal SMART goals. Would you like to be healthier, wealthier or do what you have never tried before? Then this Coaching is for you!

Benefits of coaching with Lori include:

  • use a tried and true process to set your goals.
  • customized for each individual.
  • fun and enjoyable experience.

My hope is that you have the life that you have been dreaming of.  Using a process that has worked for years, we will create your goals and put them in a format that is perfect for you!

Start your journey to Goal Setting and Goal Getting

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