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The Journal Book

by Lori Ann Roth, Ph.D


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For so many years, I knew I needed situations to change, but I simply didn’t have the tools to help me. I struggled with the direction and steps. This book is one of the best tools I’ve picked up. It’s clear, concise, and provides life-changing action steps.

-Review on Amazon

In The Journal Book: Your Journaling Journey, Dr. Lori Ann Roth introduces you to the world of journaling, to help you discover is journaling is indeed for you, and to decide which journal is best. Would you like to be healthier, wealthier or less stressed? Then this book is for you.

If you are just starting or have journaled for years, you will be

  • amazed to learn about the many different types of journals.
  • entertained with the stories and examples.
  • impressed that you can choose a unique journal to match your style.

“My hope is that you read The Journal Book to discover the perfect journal for your thoughts and ideas. Not only will you benefit from documenting your life stories, but you can also use this book as a map to discover your unique path,” shares Dr. Roth.

“Dr. Lori Ann Roth knows her stuff and she walks her talk. Having journaled for over 40 years, she shares her wisdom, knowledge, and stories about the powerful transformation made possible through writing in a journal.”

Sherri Kaye Hoff, Business Coach, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Journals can help you relax, grow your mind, lose weight, and get richer. Even if you started a journal in the past and quit, you can gain insights in The Journal Book.

Each of us has unique gifts and talents, and our purpose in life is to share those gifts and talents with others. The Journal Book will illustrate the many types of journals you can create and help you decide if you would like to start your journaling journey. 

I have been journaling for years but had no idea there were so many types of journal types that I could use. This book offers so many examples and is well researched. I liked the notes boxes that came after the description of each type of journal. 

– Amazon Review

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