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The Secrets of Vision Boards

by Lori Ann Roth, Ph.D

Vision Board


“When I did the vision board with my mother and Dr. Lori, I have to say the experience was amazing and I would definitely recommend this for other people. I remember that night when I went to bed, I told my mom that I felt something and it was a great feeling. And ever since that day, I feel twice as positive as I felt before. This helped me clearly see what I wanted and in my mind I know exactly what to do in order to achieve the things on my board. So if you’re looking for more information on the vision board, talk to Dr. Lori and trust me, you will feel 1,000 times better”.

 – Nicole, 12 year old goal setter


Secrets of Vision Boards 

 If you want to reach your goals and go beyond what you would normally do – create a Vision Board.  V

Some of the benefits of vision boards are:

  • easier to visualize your goals.
  • feel more emotion when looking at the results of your goals.
  • your goals and dreams are always present for you 

You will get so many benefits during and after creating a vision board.  Take this workshop to learn how to plan for, and create the board.  Your dreams will come true!





“The vision board was a great activity to do, especially with my pre- teenager daughter.  Dr. Lori was very welcoming and she provided us with tools for us to be able to visualize what our goals/desires are.  Having someone with that kind of knowledge and experience helping and guiding us thru the process is precious, particularly if you are living your life on the automatic bottom.  Making the first step is all you need to do to have the best life that you want for yourself but you will need to believe it by seeing, acting and reassuring everyday your goals from the vision board.  Thank you Dr. Lori for bringing my daughter and I closer and opening our horizons for us to have a great life that we all deserve it.  You are amazing in helping others.”


–  Paula, Nicole’s mother and a business owner


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