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“A high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success”  

– Cornell Study – Forbes.com



Develop leadership skills, knowledge, and self-awareness by using the most effective and popular assessments on the market today.  Have training custom designed, created, and facilitated for your organization and culture.


Let our coaches interpret your individualized assessment.  Discover what makes you – YOU!  Learn to be the best YOU by reflecting on your personality, emotional intelligence or strengths. 

About Us

Achieve better results in your organization.  Learning and…Reflective Growth provides the correct training and coaching for your employees. Let’s work together to provide quality curriculum and facilitation for your organization.  This type of training builds trust and improves teamwork, decision making, and problem solving.  Not only will your employees be more productive, but they will be more engaged and happier.

Our owner has more than 40 years of corporate, higher education, and technical training experience and is passionate about helping adults learn more about themselves and others.   She has worked with many teams to create highly functioning teams in many types of industries and organizations. 

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