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What would you do if you were told my your email host that they deleted all of your emails and folders for the last 17 years.  That all you have is a brand new email starting today?  Well that is exactly what happened to me.  How did I handle it?

  1.  Disbelief – there has to be a way to get those folders and emails back.  I called support for web.com and network solutions… no go
  2. Research – I asked the tech guy for web.com  Chris said, “That never should have happened.  They should have backed it up before they moved servers and they never should delete until they knew it was on the new server and working.  I have never heard of that happening – ever.  That is unforgivable. “
  3. Compensation – So Chris suggested I ask for compensation… all they would give me was 2 months of my bill (about $60).  I said, “let me think about it”.. Still in denial.
  4. Sadness – When it finally sunk in – I cried.  How does this happen?  I should have backed up my email my self (can you back up email?)  YES!
  5. Relief – It is over I can start again!

So, just accept that there is nothing I can do.  I will start over. Stronger, better, faster etc.  Be thankful for what I have and start over.

Learning moment.  I still have my health, friends, family and my brain.  I can move on, Let it go and live more simply.  Forget the past…move toward the future.  I realize that I am building on my flexibility.  You can improve your emotional intelligence.  I am trying…what would you do?

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