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So, my email has been down since 4:25am on Friday.  That means that all day on Friday I had no email!!!  So, I have been doing other things such as working on this blog.

I usually don’t use  that much email on the weekends, however, I was surprised how lost and disconnected I feel.  Then when I talked to my support at web.com I got my email from the last 3 hours but none of my folders were there.  None of my contacts…OUCH!!!

We take our technology for granted.  My email address lar@larg.com has been working since 1998.  Now, all of a sudden since I have my new website for Learning and Reflective Growth for Individuals and Teams (larg.com) updated all HELL has broken loose.  Now, it seems that I cannot even see my website… I can get it on my phone, my tech guy can get it but my little MacBook Air has not been able to get it with Safari or Chrome.

OK so I called Apple.  This very nice lady is trying to help me.  She told me it is my server problem.  I told her my server guy said that is not correct; he had me call her.  So I asked her to try it on her browser.  It worked.  Yep.  So, she told me “I can get it.  You just can’t get it on your machine.  I told her, “yes, that is correct,  that is why I called you.”  So now I am on hold again.

So, what can I learn from this????  Be happy for  the “little” miracles like email and internet access.  Be happy for sunshine, rain or whatever the weather is at this moment.  I try so hard not to get upset… these people are trying to help me.  This is a test of my patience.  I try to laugh when things don’t work exactly as I had planned.  Smile and  remember that “this too shall pass”,  “If it won’t matter in 5 years then let it go” and all of  those other mantras that my grandmother used to say.

But, grandma did not have internet.