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Many people talk about goal setting but I wish to discuss goal getting.  Sure there are millions of articles and coaches who have given us ways to set goals.  There is a ton of literature about goal setting.  I do believe that you must set a goal before you GET your goal.

First, write down your goal in a clear, SMART goal fashion in the present tense.  It needs to be specific – for example, “I need to lose weight” is not specific, “I now weigh 150” (20 lbs less than I weight now) is more specific.  If nothing else make sure your goal is Measurable – “When I step on the scale on December 1st I will weigh 150lbs”.  (I can measure the date and the weight).  Attainable – I know there is no way that I can lose 30lbs in a month.  This is not attainable or realistic (R).  Timely – make sure you have a date that you will reach the goal.

Here are Seven Ways to GET your Goal

  1.  Keep your goal where you will see it each day.  If it is in your journal, on your wall in your office or on the ceiling under your bed.  Sure, if you read the secret you heard that someone put a $100,000.000. check the ceiling so when he work up he would see it each day.  I think it was Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul fame.  I keep my goals in my journal (first page) so I see it at least 5 times a week.
  2. Break it down… (OK my musical prodigies are now singing and dancing).  Yes, break the goal down into sections.  If I wish to lose weight I could break it down by time – 5lbs each month for 4 months.  Or I would break down a goal by parts.  Do each part by a certain date.  Go after each part of the goal to GET the entire goal.
  3. Fear!!!!  Some people feel the fear and are paralyzed.  Sometimes I have paralysis by analysis.  I think and think and don’t do.  My coach, Sheri, told me feel the fear and do it anyway. If fear interferes with your Action – just do it.  Face it head on and deal with it.  Make that call.  Go to the gym.  Meet that person.  Go to that meeting.  Once you take the first step it gets easier.
  4. Thanks!  Give thanks for all of the parts of the goal that you CAN get.   Give thanks for those who help you.  Send thank you emails, notes and texts.
  5. Ask for help.  Yes.  This is the one that gets me in trouble.  I hate to “bug” people.  I good friend told me once that I NEVER bug anyone, what I have to offer is always positive and important.  My son would disagree, but I try to keep that advice in mind.  Asking for help when I can’t do something myself (or it would take me forever) is a very important step toward getting your goal.
  6. Visualize what life will be like when you get your goal.  I always do this in the moment right before I wake up or right before I fall asleep.  Day dreaming is good for you.  Close your eyes and take about a minute to see you at your goal.  I also have a possibilities journal where I write what I want in the future — I write it as a story as if I have it already.
  7. Celebrate even the smallest victories.  Yes, I only went to the gym once this week.  But that is one more time than I went all last year!!!  Celebrate with something you love  (note:  not with chocolate if you are losing weight) – Call a friend and share your victory!

Good luck with your goal getting.  Now go out there and GET em!

The Journal Book by Lori Ann Roth Ph.D

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