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Heart intelligence is just as important as emotional intelligence. “I don’t love you like I did before – it’s all different now – I’ll leave in the morning”, he stated with no emotion at 2am in a hotel room.  He didn’t love me anymore.  He told me then left.  My heart was broken.  I fell down on the carpeted floor as he slept soundly in the other room.  My heart was broken.  I couldn’t speak.  No air was coming in or out of my body. Suddenly, it felt like my heart burst open inside of my body.  Such pain.  Such pain.  I clutched my heart and rolled into the fetal position.  I couldn’t move.  It hurt.  My thoughts ran a million miles per hour.  What should I do?  What can I do?  I had no answers. This was the end.  I cried, I sobbed.  I had never heard such sounds coming from a human before.  Those sounds were coming from me.  I couldn’t breathe, my heart!  I clutched at my heart.

Brain in heart intelligence

That is when I realized that my brain was not always in charge.  I have always been a logical person;  T – Thinking on the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory.  Then I discovered emotional intelligence – I realized that I can change my emotional intelligence.  The first time I took the EQ-i (emotional intelligence assessment) my scores showed that I was not that flexible (J – judgmental on the MBTI). I was determined to change this about myself to make it easier for my friend, family and co-workers.  I am still working on my flexibility but recently I learned that I changed my score and I am more flexible now than I was 4 years ago.  Also, I learned how to identify and name my emotions because of that assessment.  But, what is Heart Intelligence?

Heart – of course

When I first heart about the heart-mind connection.  Learning that the heart has a higher electromagnetic field than the brain I was shocked.  The heart has intelligence?  A nervous system? This information was new to me.  I always thought the brain was the center of all human thought and emotion.   I’ve studied the brain.  There is an emotional part to the brain.  Heart Coherence is the linking of the brain and the heart.  The brain thinks logically and the heart give the brain emotional, spiritual and intuitive information.

Coherence in heart intelligence

As I meditate and slow down my mind I do feel more connected with my intuition. This is my heart intelligence.  So many times we are conflicted between our head (mind) and our heart. Make lists of pros and cons when making a tough decision, but it never balanced because the heart is not logical.  When there is a coherence between the heart and the mind these decisions will be easier for all of us.  There is personal, social and global coherence according to this video by Gabirel Gonsalves about Heart Intelligence.  When I meditate I work on my personal heart coherence.  

When I am surrounded by those I love I radiate social coherence.  After that sad break up years ago I went for a walk and asked the universe to make me happy again.  I breathed in goodness and breathed out all of my heart pain.  Today when I do yoga outside on my lanai, I throw my arms up, breathe out and give my love to the universe.  This is global coherence.

The Heart Mind Institute has been studying this connection for over 25 years.  They have created many exercises and ways of reducing stress and anxiety.  Ways to get to the “happy place”.   So, next time I will think with an open HEART as well as an open mind.

Stay tuned for more about Heartmath as I continue my research.  What are your experiences with this subject?

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