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Yes, self-development is my “thing”.  As I was researching “Mission in Life”, “what is your purpose in life” and other such topics I happened upon a daily quote application from Ester and Jerry Hicks (Abraham).  I’ve read a lot of their books and materials so I opted in.  Little did I know one of these quotes would change my attitude and vision for the future.  The quote mentioned the concept of “outrageous abundance”.

This is what I would like out of life!  I want outrageous abundance.  But, what does it look like to me?  I was hoping that it means: many friends, perfect health, prosperity, much wisdom, the most I can get out of life.  As I meditated, I focused on outrageous abundance, but was not sure how to visualize this concept.  I was a bit stumped but just kept saying the words in hope for clarity.

As I walked on the beach yesterday morning I was thinking about outrageous abundance -then I saw it.  YES!!!  I saw outrageous abundance.  I noticed that that particular day there were piles of shells scattered around the surf.  As I walked I saw shells sparkle up at me.  I bent down and saw what I call the pointy cone shell (I am sure it has a very scientific name but this is my wording).  I love these shells and began to collect them as I walked.  By the time I had walked a mile I had many of these shells in my hand.  

I realized that there were so many shells on the beach…it was outrageous how many shells had washed up that night.   I started to connect the dots.  How much water was in the Gulf of Mexico?  Yes, an outrageous amount of water.  How much sand was on the beach.  You guessed it…

I experienced outrageous abundance during that walk and I saw it with my own eyes.   Now, I picture and visualize so much that now my meditation has become so much easier.  For my friends in the north and midwest I challenge you to take a walk in the snow and experience your outrageous abundance (just bundle up).  Sometimes if you think about something and have it in your mind the thoughts, concepts or ideas will become clearer.  Here’s to clearer thoughts for you this holiday season!


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