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Many of us set goals for the new year.  I usually start in December, just so I can have my goals crystal clear by January 1 of the new year.  This year I’ve been slow setting my goals because I want to get something different so I have to do something different.  I am taking my time and working with an excellent business coach, Sheri Kaye Hoff  to help me market to the goals that I think are going to change the direction of my business.  I did come up with my word for the year (See my December 2017 blog article.) My word for this year is Limitless!  I plan on doing one thing that stretches my boundaries each day in 2020.

Recently, I was facilitating and Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i class for leaders at a non-profit organization.  My MBTI preference is  Intuition – Thinking (NT); I love words, information and books! Of course, I love my word for the year. I think in words and thoughts, not feelings or emotions.  As always, I strive to learn more about my self and my preferences.  I work on my Feelings preference for MBTI to balance my decision making skills.  This made me think about how an Intuition -Feeling (NF) would want to have a feeling for the year instead of a word.  I have many NF friends who would prefer the people and emotional side when making decisions (goals).  Also, I realized about my self after taking the EQ-i 2.0 that I was not as aware of my feelings as other people may be.  This is my never-ending learning and growing journey.  Some people know their feelings and how to express them much better than I do. So, my opposites may wish to have a feeling for the year instead of a word.

Have you ever had a feeling that you can’t describe with words?  Words just could not express exactly the way you were feeling at that time. For example, the feeling of watching the most beautiful sunset or being greeted by your dog.  I’ve had a few examples of that phenomena in my life. The time I remember the most is the feeling that descended upon me while I was holding my newborn son.  I was sitting in a glider in the sunshine of a beautiful Texas morning, rocking my son.  All of a sudden I felt something that I can only describe as being enveloped in perfect peace and joy.  I felt wrapped up in a warm blanket in front of a wood-burning fireplace on a cold night. I felt protected, joyous, loved, and so blessed at that moment.  I burst into tears and just cried as we were alone in that room.  It was a good cry; the cry of happiness and joy, and many other feelings that I could not put into words.  This is my example of a “feeling” that I wish I could repeat and keep throughout the year.

Have you had a feeling like this?  Have you had an emotion or sensation that you just can’t describe?  Think about all of the times this has happened to you.

My idea of having a Feeling for the Year, instead of Word of the Year, stems not from my preferences or strengths.  It comes from quite the opposite.  I was thinking about people who are different than I am.  People who have feelings, then thoughts.  People who sometimes cannot put their feelings into words.  Imagine if this were you and you wanted to have a word of the year.  It might be difficult.

Therefore, I unveil (daaaaah  ta ta taaaah), the Feeling for the Year.  I had never heard about this concept.  I just created it this month.  Please let me know what you think about this new idea “Feeling for the Year”.  Would it work for you or someone you know?

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